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I currently make my living by starting, owning and marketing various internet projects. I live with my wife and two children in Stockholm, Sweden.

My background is in consulting primarily withing IT, media and management. I spent many years specializing in collaboration and knowledge management. I have founded and managed companies in the IT and Internet space.

Technically I’ve worked with Lotus Notes since release 2 (certified since release 3 up to ND6 Application Developer Principal CLP). I have also done a lot of work with Microsoft technologies, mainly Office System and specifically SharePoint.

Currently I no longer do consulting but own and manage a few internet based projects.

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  3. Hi
    I have an old website written with PHP5 and MySQL and I need to transfer it to a new server. I have had frustrating problems transferring it to the new server and getting the website to work and am looking for someone willing to give me a few hours of consultancy to help resolve it. I have copied the site before and know that I am missing something really small (but significant).
    If you are not consulting any more – can you perhaps recommend someone?
    Many thanks

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