Kiss Recording Blues

I’m home on a quick pit stop on the six week family road trip here in Sweden. I had set my Kiss DP-558 recorder to record all my favourite shows – Rome, Into the West, 24 – while I was gone. Of course nothing got recorded, for some reason the recorder has not downloaded the recording schedule 🙁
Several weeks of episodes lost. My guess is that the recorder has lost its internet connection and I don’t think it even tries to re-establish it…

When recording a series the recording schedule is downloaded 24 hrs prior to each episode. Also the EPG only have programming available for the coming week, so the recording schedule needs to be updated several times during a long vacation. This is usually done every 15 minutes.
You can schedule recordings manually without using the EPG but for some reason repeating schedules is not a feature available on the Kiss recorder – you know the thing that’s been available since the dawn of VCRs – “record this every thursday”.

Just when I thought I had figured this machine out and even started to like it, this happens…
Well, weather is great and I still have another week of vacation, off to the island of Gotland before I’m getting back to work 🙂

Rumour has it a new firmware – 1.1.7 – is in the works and should be available in September.