Kiss DP-558 Firmware 1.1.6 Upgrade

The last few weeks my Kiss DP-558 video recorder has told me that I should upgrade to the new firmware 1.1.6 (1.1.5 was apparently never released).Since my previous experiences with Kiss has been so-so, I’ve been reluctant to do this upgrade. But after spending about an hour in the Hi-Jack forum and reviewing the worst… Continue reading Kiss DP-558 Firmware 1.1.6 Upgrade

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Fantastic News!

This isn’t technology related but since I have this blog how can I not post about it? Two days ago my second daughter Alva was born. She’s a beautiful baby girl! On the photo she’s 10 hours old and “sitting” together with my other daughter Ebba who is 2+ years old. Some facts: Born Sunday… Continue reading Fantastic News!