Web Part Error: Unknown Server Tag in WSS

When I got this error message in WSS (Windows SharePoint Services) the other day I Googled but did not get a single hit! This of course is unsual so I thought I’d post the solution.

Ok, so what I did was that I wanted to use FrontPage 2003 to copy and paste a couple of Web Parts from one page to another in the same WSS site. Now, I’ve done this before and it has worked. But then again, it’s not that uncommon that things sometimes work and sometimes they don’t when you’re using FrontPage with WSS…
Anyway, this time no matter what I tried all I got in my browser was an error message saying Web Part Error: Unknown Server Tag.

I don’t know exactly what went wrong or if I tried doing something unsupported (as I said, it has worked before) but anyway here is the solution as I found it (which is probably the usual, proper way to do it):

1. From the page where you have the web part working export it to a .dwp file (Modify Shared Page and then from the Web Part dropdown menu select Export)

2. Import it to the other page where you want to add the web part (Modify Shared Page – Add Web Parts – Import)

This worked just fine for me. I did get a couple of error messages along the way directing me to the Web Part Maintenance Page, but this was probably because I left the non-working web parts on my page and once I deleted them using the Web Part Maintenance Page it worked fine.

Kiss DP-558 Firmware 1.1.6 Upgrade

The last few weeks my Kiss DP-558 video recorder has told me that I should upgrade to the new firmware 1.1.6 (1.1.5 was apparently never released).
Since my previous experiences with Kiss has been so-so, I’ve been reluctant to do this upgrade. But after spending about an hour in the Hi-Jack forum and reviewing the worst bugs (makes you wonder what kind of release testing Kiss do on their firmwares…) I decided to go for it. I’ve been running it for a few days now and so far all seems well.

Most important Good and Bad with this new firmware:
The best thing I’ve found is that the recorder now updates the EPG Web interface (EPG = Electronic Program Guide) with scheduled recordings. This means you can not only schedule new recordings from the web or your cell phone but you can also view a listing of all future recordings. Another thing I found out by accident (not sure if this is new in this firmware or if it was always there) is that if you press the Store button on the remote, the player will immediately go out and do an EPG check (no recording data is pushed to the player, it normally goes out and pulls this every 15 minutes).

Bad thing is that fast forward and rewind is broken. It used to be that you pressed fast forward once and you fast forwarded at moderate speed, press twice it got a little faster etc. up to four different speeds. This worked well. Now however fast forward and rewind is always superfast – you press once and *swish* you’re half a minute or more ahead or back in the film you’re watching. So, no more “What did that guy say? I’ll rewind and listen again”. I hope this is not a feature but a bug so it will be fixed in a future firmware release…
According to the forum there are worse bugs but I have not encountered them in my Recorder-TV-Home System configuration.

By the way, it was a long time since I had any serious problems with recordings and I’ve figured out most of my Kiss recorders peculiarities so I’m actually liking this machine more and more each day! But I’m still not ready to revise my previous “warning” post 😉

Fantastic News!

This isn’t technology related but since I have this blog how can I not post about it?

Two days ago my second daughter Alva was born. She’s a beautiful baby girl! On the photo she’s 10 hours old and “sitting” together with my other daughter Ebba who is 2+ years old. Some facts: Born Sunday 11 June, 5:19 AM CET, a beautiful sunny summer day. Weight 4120 grams, height 51 cm.

I think Sweden has one of the world’s most generous systems when it comes to letting the parents take time off work to care for their newborns. (I may be wrong because I admit I’m actually not familiar with how it works in that many other countries…)

Anyway, for starters the father gets two weeks paid leave from work, which is why my Out of Office message currently reads “I’m on paternity leave, will be back June 26” 🙂
Parents also get 18 months of paid leave to divide between them. This means I’m going to have a loooong summer holiday. My wife will probably be home from work for a year and after that I plan on taking 6 months off. We did the same thing when we had Ebba and it was great spending that long time with your child!

DVD in Full Screen with Multiple Monitors in Windows XP

It’s not uncommon that friends ask me to help fix their computer problems. I’m happy to help but unfortunatly I’m not that good at fixing common hardware and OS problems, my knowledge of those things is just not good enough anymore – back in the good old days (I’m talking IBM PS/2, Token Ring, Windows 3.0 and OS/2) I could fix anything 😉
Anyway, today I actually managed to fix something so I thought I’d brag a little about that…

A friend told me he had this problem that whenever he played a DVD on his computer it was played in full screen and there was no way he could access the control panel of the DVD player software (he had tried all the players he had installed incl. Real Player and Windows Media Player) or get back to the Windows XP Desktop. He used to hard reboot the computer until another friend told him he could use ALT+F4 to close the movie.

I started checking the most elementary things and after awhile I noticed in Display Properties that he had Multiple monitors enabled (but he only has one physical monitor).
I didn’t really know what to do so I activated (“attached”) the secondary monitor. I should not have done that because now all his monitor was showing was the secondary monitor – a blank screen with nothing on it but the background image.
Whatever I tried nothing showed up on the screen, I couldn’t get into the Display Properties again or any other program or menu – I suppose they all showed up on the primary monitor (and his one physical monitor only showed the secondary monitor).
So after a few hard resets I finally remembered to hit F8 like a maniac as Windows boots up and I got into the startup menu and I can select to restart using an old configuration.

Some time later I finally find the reason and the solution: His graphics card has two digital output ports and my friend has connected both his monitor’s digital and analogue (using an adapter) display cables to his card. So the graphics card and Windows recognize this as two monitors. Disconnecting the analouge cable solved his problem.

He shows me the installation instructions (this is a Fujitsu Siemens computer) and it sure looks like you should connect both the digital and analogue cables, and they even included the adapter to connect the analogue cable to the digital port. Not easy for him to know.

At the same time I also fixed another minor problem he had with his network: He keeps getting warnings that the network is not connected even though it seems to be working fine. Turns out he has two network connections in Windows. Reason and solution? Same as with the monitor – his Thomson ADSL modem allow the PC to be connected using both a standard Ethernet RJ45 cable and a USB cable, my friend connected using both 😉