Capacitor 4 upgrade gives processDebugManifest Android Build error

Check your Cordova plugins if you get :capacitor-cordova-android-plugins:processDebugManifest error after upgrading to Capacitor4


After upgrading to Capacitor 4 everything worked fine when buidling using ionic cap sync (I am using Ionic Framework) and worked fine in Xcode and iOS. However, when building in Android Studio I got this error:

Manifest merger failed with multiple errors, see logs


The error message does not give much of a hint but after lots of trials, I found out that one of my Cordova plugins was the cause. In my case it was onesignal-cordova-plugin that was on version 2.11.4 and needed to be upgraded to version 3. So a simple npm i onesignal-cordova-plugin@3 solved this problem for me.

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I hope this helped! Please comment if it did, or if you had any problem with it. Also let me know if you got it working (or not) using other versions or if you found a better solution – it will help me and others!

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