Amazon S3 Command Line Copy for Windows

A couple of months ago I started to use Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) as off site backup for one of my servers. It’s dirt cheap and so far it works very well (I’m paying less than $1 per month for my daily uploads and storage!)

The server is running Windows Server 2008 and my backup routine is simply a scheduled bat/cmd file to copy everything to a temp folder, then zipping it to a single file that I move off site (I used to ftp it to another host but you cannot use ftp with S3)

So, I needed to be able to upload my zip file to Amazon S3 using the command line. But unfortunately the only S3 copy or backup tools I found for Windows was either graphical and user driven or required Java, Perl or such and I didn’t really feel like installing any of that stuff on my server just for this simple task.

The solution was to write my own copy routine in C# (.NET Framework 2.0) which I did using one of the many S3 libraries available, in my case I selected the Affirma Threesharp C# Library. The result is a very simple copy routine, you can only copy one file at a time, no wild cards etc. I will probably extend it in the future, for example a delete routine so I can also automate deleting old backups (I’m currently using the s3fox plugin for Firefox to check on my backups and do deletes about once a month)

Syntax: s3copy Localpath Bucket Filename AccessKeyId SecretAccessKey

Example: s3copy.exe c:\backup\ mybackupbucket backup.rar MyAccessKeyId MySecretAccessKey

It’s a single exe file. No need to install anything, the dll is contained in the exe. Feel free to use it if you like!

Click button below download S3Copy.exe from
Get it from CNET!

[ Edit/10 May 2009: Thanks to Brad! Corrected post + exe so that Access Key Id and Secret Access Key can be entered (you find your keys at Amazon’s AWS: Your Account + Access Identifiers) ]
[Edit/15 June 2009: Moved file download to]

Google Adwords Conversion Optimizer Sucks

I’m running a few Google Adwords campaigns but I must admit I’m not doing it properly. I’m too lazy to do proper follow-ups, check what new keywords are hot etc. So being lazy I’ve been running the Budget Optimizer for a long time. The Budget Optimizer lets you set a monthly budget and is then supposed to use its intelligence to bid on keywords to maximize the number of clicks you get each month.

Being even more lazy I switched to the Conversion Optimizer without following up how it was performing. This was about a year ago. Early this month I finally did the follow up – simply comparing the number of clicks, cost and conversions to before. The result – about 30-50% less clicks and conversions than before. Cost – the same.

Confirming this I changed back to the Budget Optimizer on April 10. As you can see on the graph I had one day of “down time” and after that conversions and clicks raised at the same cost.

Google Adwords - Before and After turning off the Conversion Optimizer
Google Adwords - Before and After turning off the Conversion Optimizer

In all fairness I also did another change, on April 7 I turned on show in Search Networks, which seems it had some effect also but mainly on that same day. Conspiracy theory: Did the Conversion Optimizer then quickly learn and brought down my conversions again the next day? 😉

I’m sure there are a lot of settings and tweaking you can do to improve the numbers I have been getting. But again I have been too lazy to find out. But then again Google market these tools – Budget Optimizer and Conversion Optimizer – as tools for people like me, who are too lazy to follow-up and do their own keyword bidding.

Next on my todo list is to follow up on how good the Budget optimizer actually is compared to manual bidding…