Programmer’s Frustration

I just wanted to share this great story by Damien Katz, a former programmer at Iris/Lotus. I first read it about a year ago and came across again today. It’s about Damien as a novice C++ programmer rewriting one of the core components of Lotus Notes/Domino – the formula engine, originally written by Ray Ozzie.

I used to work a lot with Lotus Notes and remember when the new Formula engine was released, it was a big thing. If you have had any programming experience and ever tried to do something with someone elses code I think you will enjoy this – even if you’ve never touched Lotus Notes. It’s a kind of a programmer’s “hero story”. Make sure you read the comment by Ray Ozzie too.

Bonus: Here’s a Lotus interview – from back in the days – about the new formula engine.

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