Public Warning: Kiss DP-558 Video Recorder

I bought my Kiss DP-558 video recorder late in December last year and so far it has been a frustrating experience, even though I must admit it has not been all bad.

I made the decision to buy this player because
1) I wanted a home unit, i.e. a unit that is not noisy and always “on”, and a form factor that fit with the TV and my other VCR and Home theatre system. I did look at Microsoft Media Center that had just been released with Swedish EPG but there was no good hardware available.
2) I wanted the EPG. EPG is short for Electronic Program Guide and basically gives you the TV-listings and lets you easily program your recorder. This ruled out recorders from Sony, Pioneer etc. because none of these have EPG.

I’m not going to go thru all the problems I’ve had and still have with this machine but to sum up: It’s just not consumer ready. (If you’re a “hacker” you will probably love all the stuff you can do with it)

You don’t even get a proper manual on how to set up your machine and the on screen user interface and the remote control is all but intuitive.
Kiss has just been acquired by Cisco (and is now part of the Linksys division) so hopefully this will change in the future. And in all fairness I have to admit that when it does work well it has made my recording life much easier.

I would recommend that anybody thinking about buying this machine carefully search the net for more info on what does and does not work well with it. One good place to start is Hi-Jack’s Kiss DP-558 Forum. This forum has also helped me with figuring out a lot of issues, bugs and how to work some features.

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