Flight Mode, Kiss Firmware Update and a House

Qtek 8500 Flight Mode
I just found out that my Qtek 8500 phone actually does seem to have Flight Mode (contrary to my previous post).
On the Home Screen simply navigate to the Operator and Time bar and click it. This takes you to the Comm Manager where option 1 allows you to turn off the Phone. Do I feel stupid… but happy!

Kiss DP-558 Firmware 1.1.7
After checking the Hi-Jack forum for pitfalls I upgraded my Kiss DP-558 to the new 1.1.7 firmware the other day. Seems to be working fine, I have not found any improvements or bugs. Of course the (too) superfast Fast Forward is not fixed yet 🙁

A House!
We bought a house yesterday! Of course it cost too much money and after living in apartments my whole adult life something tells me this is the beginning of a new era of constant fixing things on the house. We’re not moving in until February 2007 so I have time to adjust to that thought…
Now, anybody interested in buying an apartment?

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