Low Volume on my Realtek Acer Laptop

I’ve always thought the sound volume on my Acer TravelMate 5530G has been very low even if I turned everything up to 100%. It has been ok and only a little bit annoying, but a few days ago we moved to another house for a month (we’re currently travelling in Thailand) with no TV so now the family have to watch movies on the laptop…

Anyway, I found the solution thanks to this post by brielle128 at Notebookreview.com. It seems to be related to Realtek drivers on Windows Vista.

The solution:
– Have song playing so you can here the difference.
– Right click on the speaker icon in the task bar and select Playback Devices (or find it in the Windows Control Panel) The Sound dialog box opens up.
– From the Playback tab select the Playback device being used, in my case Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio (marked with a green checkbox) and click the Properties button. A new dialog box – Speaker Properties – opens up.
– On the Enhancements tab make sure Disable All Sound Effects and Immediate Mode are both unchecked. Check Loudness Equalization (on my setup all other unchecked) and hit Apply.
– Bingo! Sound volume is up a lot, maybe 50%!

I actually think my wife’s Acer Aspire One (also Realtek Sound card) running Windows XP has the same problem but unfortunately I could not find any similar settings there.


  1. Hi, I was just wondering if you ever got your wife’s Acer Aspire One fixed because I have the same problem. Also, funny coincidence, but I’m also traveling in Thailand.

  2. Hi Rose. Unfortunately I never did find that setting in Windows XP. If you find a solution please let me know!
    Enjoy your time in Thailand! We just got back to a sub zero Sweden yesterday…

  3. I just bought a Lamborghini VX3, supplied with Realtek and I also thought the volume seemed quite low. Enabling the Loudness Equalization made all the difference, thanks v. much for posting this up mate!!!

  4. Hi guy’s try updating your audio driver’s from the site acerpanam.
    I hopw that’ ll help…

  5. Don’t know if it will help, but I recently bought an Acer 5535 laptop and had the same problem. The solution posted here works, but in my case the real problem was that on the “Speaker Properties” dialog box there was a tab before the “Enhancements Tab” (can’t remember the name, don’t have Vista anymore), there was an option called “Limited Output” which was checked, unchecking it solved the problem.

    In XP, open the Realtek Audio Manager (double-click on the realtek icon, an orange speaker icon, on the taskbar), click on the “Mixer” tab and under the wheel for Playback volume there are two little icons, a wrench and a speaker. To the right of the little speaker icon there’s a really hard to see button with two dots. Clicking on it will open a dialog box with a checkbox called “Limited Output”, unchecking it will solve the problem.

    Hope this solution will help you…

    P.S. If you don’t want to see the realtek audio manager icon in the taskbar, open it, click on the “i” icon on the bottom left corner, and you’ll see a checkbox to remove the taskbar icon.

  6. This last solution appears to be something which could really work but i haven’t got that button! I only have the buttons with the two dots next to the Pink In and next to the Microphone Volume mute button, but there is no option for ‘Limited Output’ here. Got a Acer Aspire 5040. Do you have any clue how to get this button or how to solve it otherwise? I’ve already updated the newest Realtek driver but that does not change anything..


  7. My limited output button was already unchecked and I still found that the sound wasn’t loud enough on my Acer 6592G. I did find that upping everything on the equalizer made a big difference though. THANKS VERY MUCH!!!

  8. Upping everything on the equalizer is what worked for me on my new Qosmio — thanks for the tip MO!

  9. Thanks for this – it basically worked for me on my Aspire 4920.

    I followed the steps above, and got a decent initial boost. Time to experiment! 😀

    I had had Full-Range speakers box checked, which was apparently a bad thing – unchecking it also brought up the volume a bit. Then, I set my Equalizer to Live setting, which also brought it up some (and i like the overall quality of the Live eq setting for music, videos, etc.)

    Next, Dolby – I had 5.1 sound checked/on, and tried turning it off.

    At this point, running a SomaFM station at 100%, the sound was ‘too loud’ – to the point of bass feedback. So I put and have left Dolby on.

    The last point I should make is that in Winamp, I turned on the Equalizer, switched it to Auto, and load & kept the Live preset, with the pre-amp set to about 75-80%. I find this makes a *huge* difference in both sound volume & quality. It is completely free, and easy to do. I haven’t really used other players in a long time, but I would think/hope others would offer the same features/abilities.


  10. Thank you, now I am able to listen to movies before all I could hear was whisper. I was worried my laptop had a defective audio problem.

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  12. Hello!
    Thanks for the tip, I have a Acer 3820TG and I had very low sound.
    I just edited the option “Limited Output” and I got like 50% increase of sound level.

    The Limited Output box was in that same properties box you wrote about.

  13. Thanks to the Jan 18th post above!!! I’ve been living with poor volume on my Aspire laptop for 1 year and the solution above worked!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Thank you SO much for this information! I’ve had my Acer Laptop for two and a half years, and it seemed nuts that they include all sorts of fancy volume controllers and home audio stuff yet the volume was barely audible when using the speakers.

    I could *kiss* you. Checking Loudness Equalization certainly brought the sound into the audible range!

  15. Wow, thanks for this tip… Worked on my Acer Aspire 5920.

    Still not where I believe it should be but BOY did this help… Great tip.

  16. Bought an Acer Aspire 4253 April 2011. Runs great. Speakers SUCK! Very low. I read all the threads. I checked the loudness box too to get a LITTLE increase of volume. But, everything is at 100% and it’s still low. Very annoying. I don’t see anything anywhere that says Realtec. Speakers device listed is: Conexant High Definition Audio. Can anyone help me? I love music and this is really bugging me. Thank you!

  17. Right click on the speaker icon and click playback devices. Click on speakers then properties then on the Dolby tab and uncheck audio enhancer and surround sound.

    Tried everything else, this worked.

  18. hey, this is an old post but I figured I’d answer it anyway..

    if you go into your ASUS bios and search around there is a volume adjuster strictly for the hardware

    give that a nudge or two no more, don’t want to blow out the speaker

    i think you gotta hit del or f2 or f8 or any f or bckspace or somethin to get into bios, but the option is there

    asus usually has good built in speakers so u can crank the hardware a little

    i have an asus, and im groovin, btw also do what is in the top of this post, it is an improvement, especially unchecking what he says to uncheck, and hit loudness equalization checkbox if u have ASUS like me or RealTek

    peace peace peace….

  19. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! For more than 6 months, (that’s when I bought my Acer Aspire 5552 laptop and I could hardly hear music, lot less speech. After reading your advise, I gain the lost sound. I even spoke with some IT techs which had no clue how to fix this problem.
    Again, Thank you very much.

  20. My wife bought this and she lives close to sea so i think moisture has made her lap top not working properly. what should i do?

  21. Greatings from Lithuania. Finnaly, I fixed this bug, because it was very anoying me 😡 thank you a lot!!!!

  22. Thank you so much for this! It worked on my boyfriend’s acer, I was wondering why the volume was absolutely awful. 🙂 It’s very appreciated, the volume shot up to something I could easily hear.

  23. Thank you! This worked on Acer Travelmate 4750. I also checked equalizer option and put that on Jazz option which also increased the volume a bit.

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  25. hi in my acer laptop if i switch on speaker it makes the sound like beeeeeeeeeeeeeep like this continuously jst give me how to solve this.

  26. Finally. I have an Acer Aspire and it has been very quiet when I watch video clips. I couldn’t find the things under “Enhancement” as mentioned above, but when someone mentioned “Dolby”, I found a “power button” under the Dolby tab, which allowed me to turn it on and the “music symbol” light up. Then, the sound problem is fixed.

  27. Hi,

    This piece of information served me very good on an Acer Aspire One D255E as well. I’ve got a significant increase of volume. I don’t know why the output volume is so low anyway on this netbook.

    Thank you very much.

  28. Hi Guys,

    Just a reminder, boosting the sound of your laptop is a great idea especially if your a music lover, but boosting your sound that the hardware or “Speaker” cannot handle leads you also to great disaster, you can boost the sound by 200% but the worse thing that may happen is that it may burn your speaker coil.

    So be wise enough when boosting up you speakers sounds…

    Good luck guys…


  29. First, go to Control Panel, Sound (or Hardware + Sound, then Sound), and select Playback
    Double-click “Speaker + Dual Headphones” and select Properties, then Advanced, and set the ‘Default Format’ drop-down menu to: 16 bit, 48,000 Hz (DVD quality). You can test each of the different choices to make sure that’s the loudest.

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