How to Create a Google Map from GPS coordinates

You can import coordinates into Google Maps using the KML or GeoRSS formats.

Here’s how you do it in five easy steps:

1. Have your coordinates ready, in a text file, Excel, csv file, on paper etc.

2. Download a csv/text/Excel to KML converter. I used this one by simon_a and it worked like a charm. It is all in Excel so you don’t need to install anything. Check the three tabs in the file, you need to:

a) On Tab 1, enter your longitude and latitude coordinates (copy and paste or use import data from your existing coordinates file) In the example coordinates are on a format with comma (,) I needed to change these to use dot (.) to make the import to Google Maps work. (just do search and replace, ctrl+h)

b) Set the output file name on tab 2

c) Make sure Excel security settings allow you to run the macro. Press Alt+F8 to run the Generate KML macro. It does not tell you when it’s ready but it runs real quick.

3. Go to Google Maps – Make sure you sign in so you can save your new map.

4. Create a new map and select Import to import your .kml file

5. Done!

View Fordonsgas, Biogas tankställen (CNG in Sweden) in a larger map

I have a biogas (CNG) car and it’s always a hassle to find a place to fill it up. There is a public site that let’s you download coordinates for your GPS but they don’t provide anything but that .csv file and a pdf to print. Now I finally have it imported into so I can access from my cellphone with Google Maps and GPS. Wish I would have done this a couple of years ago…

Here it is if you should ever need some biogas in Sweden 🙂


  1. Is it possible to use this map with GPS coordinates offline also? Is it possible to donload so when there is no internet available I can still use it?

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