Google Plus invite give away

Would you like an invite to Google Plus, Googles new social network, the “Facebook and Twitter killer”?
I have a few invitations, post a comment here with your gmail address (currently it seems only gmail accounts are accepted, you should also have filled out your google profile)

For Swedish speakers this is another option to get a Google+ invitation: gratis

[Edit: As I understand it Google Plus is now open for all gmail accounts. I still have plenty of invites, so comment here if you want one and don’t have a gmail email address]


  1. Was following your blog for some time now, most due to some interesting code snippets. I would appreciate getting a G+ invitation from you very much 🙂

    My GMail-account: [email protected]

    Thanks a lot!

  2. SWEET! So I see this ad on Craigslist to test a new social media site… Curiosity gets the best of me… and I go in to test it. Wow! Was I in for a shock. If only Facebook new what is coming! While Google+ was rethinking social media and came out with a copy of Fb another team of people was unthinking it. For real. Unthink social media is literally the name. They have been in secret development for over 3 years!!! Kidding you not. This will blow the market open. How did they keep this SECRET? From what I saw it’s about to launch. Facebook and Google are in for a huge surprise.

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