Barack Obama Presidential Motorcade in Stockholm, Sweden

This is a little off topic…

The other day (September 4, 2013) US Preisdent Barack Obama made a state visit to my hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. On my way walking to a meeting I got stuck and watched the presidential motorcade on it’s way from the airport to the president’s hotel. So how could I not grab my iphone and film the motorcade as it passed me by? 🙂

If you watch closely (or playback in slow motion) you can see Obama waving from the second limo (aka “The Beast”)

In the background you can see Arvfurstens palats where the State Department (Foreign Ministry) has its offices and the Royal Opera House. Just opposite of where I am standing is King Karl XII‘s square which is located in KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden, King’s Garden. When I turn the camera you can see the Stockholm Grand Hotel which was the motorcade’s destination and where President Obama stayed.

Big parts of central Stockholm was locked down for the two-day visit, and it was oh so quiet and nice without all the traffic, i wish they could make it permanent.

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