BOINC error when adding World Community Grid project

I just downloaded the latest version of BOINC, 7.4.27 for Windows 64-bit.

When trying to Add Project and select World Community Grid, enter my username and password I get this error:

Failed to add project
Messages from server:
missing or bad parameter: email_addr


This seems to be a regression bug from way back. For some reason the World Community Grid forum does not rank high in Google search results but in this thread I found the following workaround to add project from command line instead of GUI.

Do this:

  1. Login to then click Settings and My Profile, at the bottom of that page you will find your Account key
  2. Have BOINC running
  3. Open a Windows Command Prompt and go to the BOINC program directory, for 64-bit this should be something like c:\Program Files\BOINC, for 32-bit c:\Program Files (x86)\BOINC
  4. Enter command:
    [code]boinccmd.exe –project_attach [Insert your Account key here][/code]
  5. That’s it, World Community Grid should now be added as a project in BOINC


  1. TY, struggled with this as another machine (linux not current boinc) had no problem adding WCG right before this machine, an up to date boinc on windows 7, kept failing.

  2. It really seems like this is a recent issue (we all seem to be posting here within the last few weeks). Hopefully it gets figured out soon. This workaround definitely solved it for me, but only because I know how to get around the windows command prompt.

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