BC30456: InitializeCulture is not a member of xxx

Lately I’ve been getting this error on one of my ASP.NET 2.0 web sites: BC30456: ‘InitializeCulture’ is not a member of xxx

I’ve been getting it intermittently, ie. sometimes the page works fine and sometimes all I get is this error. I’ve been troubleshooting it for awhile but it finally looks like I have gotten a grip on it, much thanks to this MSDN thread.

This is what worked for me:

  • Deleted a “Backup” folder that I kept in Visual Studio (but never copied to my production Web Server). In the Backup folder I kept copies if various apsx pages. Apparently you should not have multiple aspx pages referencing the same code file.
  • Deleted the Bin folder on the Web Server before copying a new precompiled version there. Turned out I had lots of outdated bin files on the Web Server.

I have not yet installed Visual Studio 2005 SP1 (Service Pack) maybe this is something that is also solved there.

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  1. I fought this one for a few hours myself…

    It got resolved once I moved NON-INCLUDED ‘scratch’ pages that contained references to the same class name. (…was using those pages to copy from…)

    Deleting the DLL and Rebuilding had not helped, nor messing with the Namespace declarations, nor the inherits directive, nor renaming some of them.
    It seems the parser/compiler was grabbing aspxS/vbS that are not included in the project, if in the Project’s main folder.
    Once I moved them to a NON-INCLUDED ‘scratch’ subfolder, and REbuilt… all smooth!

    At some point, I had forgotten to exclude the ‘scratch’ pages and had Rebuilt with those files INCLUDED.
    …of course errors popped up, and I excluded them and rebuilt again. But that obviously did not clear the problem.

    I am still not sure that I am correct… but I am thinking that the parser compiler either picks up classes in EXCLUDED pages if in the main Project folder, OR, it just holds it from the previous build/rebuild(don’t know how since I had deleted the dll)!

    Hope this helps anyone else.

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