Summer time is here! But not for Kiss…

Summer time is here. At least for your clock.
Up north in Stockholm, Sweden where I live, there will be at least two more months before summer. We have had a very short winter this year and the last snow melted away a couple of weeks ago. Today the sun came out and it’s about 10 degrees celcius – if not summer then at least spring is here!

But no summer time for Kiss DP-558, my favourite piece of hitech equipment 😉
You have to manually go into setup and change time zone from CET to CEST. New this time however (maybe thanks to firmware 1.1.7?) is that I don’t have to reschedule any recordings, they change automatically.

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  1. I have one of those recorders too but the online EPG shows the wrong time when I click the show I want to record, after changing the time zone. Have you experienced something like that?

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